Bad habit and pills – that sounds as if I have an awful tale to tell.  Let’s see!

Tablets and a bad habit are on my mind this morning. Yesterday I went to get my repeat prescription for the barrow load of tablets I have to take. BUT – there was an issue ( I still don’t understand what – but there you are – it is a fact ) and the prescription needed to be set up again by my doctor and with luck and a strong wind they will be there by Thursday (today)

So by rooting around in the medicine cabinet, I found I had got enough for this morning.

And then Goodness me – NO!….

We were out of Activa or Yoghurt!!    Was this going to be one of those days?

Why was that a disaster – well years ago I had to get over something that for me was an issue. I just couldn’t swallow tablets – no matter how small.

How crazy are we all?

Bad habit – it surely was. I could eat normally – but a tablet in my mouth was a gagging starter.

The time came though where I had to get over this problem.   I had got to get over this as my health depended on me ‘taking the pills’.

Porridge and yoghurt became the answer.   Within no time I was swallowing tablets easily as long as it was with a yoghurt or similar.

Today –  this morning – I had no yoghurt or porridge. Question? – was the bad habit still there.

So I gave it a go – glass of water and what happened?   It was fine – there was no issue at all.    That is the first time I have tried to take tablets with water for many years.   Isn’t the mind weird but wonderful?

Now there is a really important thing here about making changes to your mindset.

Conventional wisdom is that it takes 28 days to free yourself from a bad habit. Unfortunately, that notion is just plain wrong. Bad habits are hard to break because they are Habits (notice the capital H). Remember: your brain has put your bad habit in the “automatic” category. Once there, it’s difficult to shake it free.

Yes, 28 days can give you a good jump start. It is probably longer and more like three months to substitute a new behavior for a bad habit.

But I know from working with Adam Eason that behaviours and bad habits can be changed – helped by hypnosis.

Let’s say that laziness is a bad habit or maybe poorly motivated is like a bad habit.   Just make that assumption.   If they are then this year’s  new  resolutions are probably having difficulty.

So this month (February) in our Hypnosis For Download online store I have made the theme one of motivation and keeping going. Self-Hypnosis can help you make dramatic and permanent changes to your mindset. But the behaviours will need a couple of months to make permanent change. Self-hypnosis will help you imagine the changes and keep you working towards the desired outcome.

Hey I am not the person to tell you all of this – but go and find articles by Adam Eason.  Visit his blog at

Well if you are reading this Adam and you can’t get me on the phone mid morning it is because i am on my way to the doctors to get some tablets.