Why Does Aweber Take So Much Notice Of Complaints?

I use Aweber as my mailing list handler and there is much I like and can commend about their service – however I have a couple of gripes that I have been raising with them and wondered whether anyone else has similar views.  I will highlight one grievance today and follow up tomorrow with my second.

I would so welcome any feedback.

Yesterday evening I sent out to one of our smaller lists (more…)

Is Valentine’s Day All About Love?

Yes, of course it is!

Love of card sales. And actually, sales of almost anything else you can imagine!

Try booking a table for two in a popular restaurant, especially if Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, a Saturday or, like this year, a Sunday. You can find special Valentine screenings of Love Story or some other appropriately sentimental melodrama. Our local chocolate shop is full of it – and hopes to be empty of it I suppose come next Monday. The kiddies’ clothes shop idem ditto although the relevance eludes me. The trendy silver jewellery shop has gone absolutely heart-shaped; cardiac I suppose you could say.


McAfee Siteadvisor – Help – Is This Legal?

Well here is a rant today.  If you chance to spy this page and you have some legal knowledge I would be really grateful to hear from you about the legality of the behaviour and action of McAfee.

One of the hundreds of websites I have built over the years is for my friend and business partner Adam Eason.

Here is the website – BUT BE WARNED – if you are using McAfee protection you will get a grim warning about going there – http://www.adam-eason.com  (more…)

Kevin Hogan And The Crass Behaviour Of The Sheraton Belgravia

By proxy I feel I know Kevin Hogan.  I have never met him or spoken to him – but my business partner Adam Eason speaks with great affection about him.  Kevin, an American  international motivational speaker was over here in London this last weekend.  Today I received his regular Coffee Time Newsletter and here is an extract which describes his experience at the Sheraton Belgravia.

…. Ah, and the Sheraton…I’ve done biz w/ Starwood for a decade…and it was almost a relationship breaker. (more…)

Freefall Financial Drama On The Money Says Keith Watson

I watched a great financial drama on BBC2 last night – “Freefall”.

Today my usual Google Alerts came in for my name ‘Keith Watson’ and lo an behold another Keith Watson had written a review of the programme which I think is absolutely spot on – and so – over to another Keith Watson: Metrolife Article

You Should Read More Of Your E-Mails And This Is Why….

I wonder how many times my long suffering wife has heard me say “Why can’t they just read?”  I am convinced that information overload is the biggest obstacle to communications.

Take this as an example:  I am heavily involved with the marketing of Adam Eason’s products online.  He is a hypnotherapist who produces Self-Hypnosis MP3s.  As part of our efforts to get to a wider audience we have promotional offers and even giveaways from time to time. Over this weekend we had some purchases made by people who have been on our mailing list for years paying FULL PRICE despite our WEEKLY newsletter out last Thursday offering up to 65% off.  The offer is also made on the home page of the shop.

A term that Internet Marketers use all the time is that the money is in the list.  Well yes it is if (more…)

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